How to Save Money on Consumer Incentives

Sending consumer incentives for your market research or other projects is necessary but can get expensive and take a lot of time. From purchasing the incentive to managing the consumer incentive process, countless hours can be spent. How expensive is it to spend hours on this process? How can you save money on your consumer incentives?

The Time Consuming Nature of Consumer Incentives

When working with surveys in market research, you would think your job is finished when the survey is, but your job is just getting started. There are a lot of work hours involved to process each incentive for each consumer. Not to mention the time spent after sending the incentive on consumer relations and troubleshooting. It becomes obvious that the expense of consumer incentives goes beyond purchasing the incentive, you are paying for time spent in consumer incentive management. Surely this is a process that can be streamlined and be made less expensive.

Time is Money

Not only is saving money important but saving time is important too. So why not save both? This is how to save money on consumer incentives, Incentivist. This platform makes providing gift cards effortless. Incentivist offers an order now, pay later 30-day payment plan, which allows you and your team to move forward at a faster rate. Once your order is placed, your job is finished. Incentivist manages all consumer interface regarding the gift cards, this allows for countless hours of troubleshooting to be reallocated toward something more productive. Incentivist will handle any and all questions from both your company and the incentive consumer. Be at ease in knowing your consumers will be personally walked through the process of finding, claiming, and using their gift card. Our purpose is to save you time and money.

Allow Incentivist to save you money while managing your consumer incentives.

The Problem with DIY Incentive Management

When involved with consumer research, incentive management is a must. Although, it is not always simple. What is the best way to manage incentive? Frequently a DIY Incentive management platform is used, but they come with some problems.

The Frustrations of Incentive Management:

When ordering incentives through a DIY incentive management platform, it can be hard to provide the capital upfront for bulk orders when there is a budget to abide by. Not only this, but it can become a tedious experience during the ordering process. Inputting consumer information to the platform can take many valuable work hours. If there is a typo in the consumer’s email or a tiny oversight, the consumer will not receive their expected incentive. Although this is often an easy fix, the countless hours of troubleshooting stack up as well as the frustration. So, what is a solution to these problems? Choose a hands-on incentive management service.

Which DIY Incentive Management Platform Is Right For My Company?

There are many DIY platforms to utilize for all your incentive needs, but which one allows for the most streamlined process? Allow Incentivist to make incentives easy.

Incentivist is a platform that makes providing gift cards easy. This platform offers an order now, pay later 30-day payment plan which allows your company to move forward without friction. Send digital gift cards quickly and easily following your consumer study, interview, or any other project. After an order is placed, your job is finished. Incentivist manages all consumer interface regarding the gift cards, this means no more tedious troubleshooting. We handle any and all inquiries from both your company and the incentive consumer, how to find, claim, use their gift card. Our goal is to save you time and delight your consumer.

Allow Incentivist to manage your consumer incentives hassle-free.