Incentivist™ is a digital rewards platform. We partner with market research firms and other organizations to deliver consumer incentives quickly. Our 30-day payment plan means less hassle and quicker insights.

Who runs Incentivist™?
The Incentivist™ brand is owned and operated by Haven Insights.

What kinds of firms partner with Incentivist?
Half our clients are market research firms, or market research divisions within larger firms. The other half include any kind of organization you can imagine — anyone who needs to send digital giftcards.

Why use Incentivist?
Because we manage the whole thing for you. Just tell us the reward amounts, recipient names & email addresses, and we’ll issue your digital incentives within two business days. Once you’ve placed your order, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that Incentivist will manage all consumer interface regarding the gifts. Our team is trained to handle any questions consumers may have about how to find, claim, and use their gifts.

How much does it cost to send digital rewards with Incentivist?
We charge an 8% management fee on top of your total incentives order. No funds are due upfront — it’s all due 30 days after your order is placed. If you are paying upfront, we charge just a 3% processing fee on top of your order.

Can I manage my Incentivist order myself?
No. There are other digital rewards platforms that allow you to do that. Incentivist is focused on managing this process for you. When you place an order, we’ll assign an account manager to your project. They will manage your entire incentives order.


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