How to Get Consumers Excited about Consumer Surveys

The launch of a consumer survey is a very important step in the success of your company, are you sure your consumers will be excited to participate? The last thing you want is to launch your consumer survey and not have consumers contribute. How can you be sure your consumers will be willing to provide valuable data?

The Answer is Consumer Incentives

At the end of the day, consumers will only participate in your research if there is an incentive to do so. This means it is important to properly communicate what incentive is provided and execute providing incentives to these consumers. Some companies use gift cards for their store, which works. However, what works better is a gift card they can choose where to spend. I am talking about Visa gift cards.

A Versatile Gift Card

Why reduce potential participants by providing a gift card they do not need? If you provide a Visa gift card incentive for your consumer survey, you will broaden the scope of consumers that are willing to participate. Who will refuse the opportunity to spend money where they please? So how can you execute providing this incentive?

Responsible Consumer Incentive Management

Why take on the responsibility of managing this process? Incentivist is a platform that makes providing Visa gift cards along with many other options effortless. This platform offers an order now, pay later 30-day payment plan which allows your company to move forward at a faster pace. Let Incentivist send your Visa gift card incentive quickly and easily following your consumer study, interview, or any other project. Once your order is placed, your job is done. Incentivist manages all consumer interface regarding the gift cards, this means no more tedious troubleshooting. We will handle any and all questions from both your company and the incentive consumer. Be comforted in knowing your consumers will be personally instructed on how to find, claim, and use their gift cards. We strive to save you time and delight your consumer.

Allow Incentivist to manage your consumer incentives without friction.